Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Kanzashi 2 and 3

Getting a bit adventurous with my second and third kanzashi flowers now by stacking these two flowers together. I planned to make it a necklace but it's to big for me so I changed it into a brooch. I found it very handy for sticking pins into during the temari workshop last weekend. I really like this rounded petal flower shape.

Tomorrow I'm going to try a different type of fold, pointed shaped petals. This weekend is going to be an indoorsy type of weekend. Despite the fact we are in officially almost a month into Autumn, we are expecting 34-36C temperatures for the next 5 days. Our chickens have gone off the lay again due to the heat. So I will be putting their little paddling pool back into the enclosure tomorrow so they can walk around in it and cool themselves down.

I need to make a new mold for yubinuki, something has gone wrong on my old one (I think the spacing of the markings was off so my last few thimbles have been abandoned) I really want to get back to making some thimbles and of course I have my big flower temari sampler that I need to complete - start. I haven't even looked at the March TC project and I am only 1 row into the C10 that was being demonstrated on the TK group this last fortnight.

I think I might disappear under my pile of UFO's if I don't get some of them finished soon.

I turned to first Kanzashi flower into a hair tie. The attachment was a bit dodgy but its cute.

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