Monday, 21 March 2011

All for Japan

The great Eastern Earthquake/Tsunmai Fundraiser - Bunbury from notoriousruz on Vimeo.

The video above was made by one of my brother's friends in Bunbury* over the weekend. They had two very successful days of fundraising. Don't they all look gorgeous doing it too?!

This last week has had us all running around and the weekend was filled up too. I ran a two day temari workshop for the South Perth Lace making group. It was really fun the groups is full of such nice ladies, we all natter and stitch and have a wonderful time.  We worked through several designs... hope you all go ok with your homework ladies.

I donated a portion of my earnings from the class fees to the Red Cross for Japan. Without Japan there would be no temari and I'd have a rather large gap in my life to fill up with some other not so interesting pursuit.

Because I was taking a class I couldn't attend the flea market in Karrinyup on Sunday morning but Miho tells me it was very successful. Seth, Miho and the kids worked together with many other volunteers to run the stalls. So many people came to buy our donated goods and many kind people said 'keep the change' and made donations too.  UPDATE:   Miho tells me that they made AUD$8,698.85 in sales and recieved donations to the amount of AUD$15,114 which is a grand total of AUD$23,812.85
Today we spent the day making nut tartlets. Just over 8 cubic litres of them were kneaded and pressed into tins, filled with nuts and caramel sauce then baked until puffed and crispy. Seth is taking them to work to assist with his fundraising activities.

*Bunbury is a larger country centre situated along the coast line about 2 hours south of Perth.

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