Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Yubinuki (Thimble Ring)

Have you heard of thimble rings?  They are just lovely and an incredibly intriguing proposition.  There are many web pages devoted to these miniature masterpieces (remember we're talking finger sized).
The Japanese word is Yubinuki and this is probably what to type into google if you want to find out more.  Most websites are in Japanese (use a translator to help you navigate the sites) but have awesome photos on them that will make your eyes simply bug out.  One blog dedicated to this art is Ma Mercerie (link #2 below) and is written in English.  I wouldn't think that people would use such beauties for their functional purpose at risk of messing up the designs, but if the scale were upsides they would make fantastic stands for temari or napkin rings or bracelets etc.

Image from  Ma Mercerie etsy site.

Today I ordered a thimble ring kit from the  Ma Mercerie etsy store. The kit has a needle and threads, and a pre-finished base on which the first 2 rows are stitched - the closest thing to having someone sitting there showing you the way.  I have wanted to make thimbles for the longest time and have even tried one but it was TOTALLY dodgy and will NEVER be seen by anyone.  Sometimes all the instruction in the world is just not enough for me (and I must say there are lots of well written tutes on the Ma Mercerie blog site).  In these circumstances I just need to see and feel the item I want to make in the 'flesh' and somehow I suddenly can process all the instructions I have read.  It was the same when I began making temari, all the books were ok to work from but until I held a mari in my own two hands I just couldn't quite 'get' it. 

So I am looking forward to making my first thimble when it arrives.  I guess I will be stalking the mailbox again... my poor postman.

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  1. Kat (a thimble champion) has photographed her process for making the bases.