Monday, 29 March 2010

Perth Upmarket

Yesterday I went with my one of my besties, LouLou, to the Perth Upmarket.  It is a quarterly handmade artisan craft market which has been held since 2008 in the Perth Town Hall .  This year the market expanded to the University of WA's Winthrop Hall.  Image below from wikipedia

My favorites are Anna Hadwin's amigurumi, Craftapalooza's scrabble tile jewellery, Eucalypt Homewares gorgeous ceramic bowls, Mokoh Design's magnets and prints, and Tamara Harrison's and Pelava's awesome jewellery.  All I can say is WOW there are some talented people in our city!

I have been noticing something of a crafting trend over the last 18 or so months.  Just over 18 months ago it was all about CUPCAKES then about 6 months ago it turned into all things BABUSHKA MATRYOSHKA and this time it is all about OWLS.  I wonder how these trends start? And how it can be that so many individual crafters happen to have such similar themes.

There were several items that were made with fabric or paper the had temari printed somewhere on the design... there is a real Japanese influence in crafting materials here (maybe it is the same everywhere) but, having said that, there were nothing like temari or yubinuki items for sale... Maybe there will be one day?!

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