Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Can't see for Temari

Well our 5 month dry spell is over with a big storm dumping 48mm of rain in 4 hours in some parts of Perth.  My area got 36.6mm in the same time.  There was hail as big as golf balls and widespread power outages including 150 sets of traffic lights (which would have to be close to half the entire city's traffic lights).  We were one of the lucky ones to only lose our power for 7 hours.  Several of our friends lost house windows and ceilings etc but we were so fortunate for our home to remain high and dry (on the inside).

We had homemade tomato soup for dinner and cheese jaffles - followed by melting ice cream... a shame to waste it.  I told our son as we ate by candle light 'This is how it was over 200 years ago before electricity was in every house.  Everyone that was lucky to have a candle could read or sew but others just had to go to bed when the sun went down.' Yeah right! He was sitting there playing against his Dad on DS while listening to his ipod and this was after watching a movie on his portable DVD player while I was making dinner.  But I think he got the message... because when we woke this morning and he opened the fridge to discover the power restored he exclaimed 'Thank goodness for electricity Mum!'

I managed to mark out the faces of my sunflower ball and and pin up for stitching but the flicker of the candle made me give up for the night... even I'm not that addicted to risk temari stitching by candle light.  So there was nothing for it... we were all in bed by 8:30pm.

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