Wednesday, 24 March 2010

And We're back.... stitching temari.

Now that non-pioneer life has resumed for most of our city's residents (sadly some 20,000 homes still have no power & won't for several more days and others have mud within 3 feet of their ceiling - I don't mean muddy water here I mean compacted clay mud from a landslide) I have been able to complete the Soccer team bags Huzzah!!! As a reward I treated myself to stitching Flower One of my 1st Sunflower ball.  I really like it.  There is just a little more on the center stitching to go and It'll be done.

As an aside: Monday's storm was the worst we have had for 16 years and the first time I have EVER seen the sky turn that grey green colour I have read about in books.  We are pretty lucky in Perth (Yes I AM touching wood right now) not to have awful floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, etc so we are all generally unprepared for Mother Nature's fury when she unleashes it.  I have been taking an informal survey on what people fed their families last night when the storm hit without warning.  Some interesting ones have been Bread Rolls, Instant Ramen - cooked on a gas cooker at the dining table, Barbecued-whatever-they-could-find-in-the-fridge-that-didn't-need-to-be-defrosted on the BBQ dragged under the patio out of the rain, breakfast cereal....   So what is your favourite Blackout recipe?

Images from Perth Now Website.  These are all places I know really well.  The pic with the bike is taken by the freeway exit way near where Miho used to live in West Leederville - you can almost see the evening traffic in the background. This spot is at the bottom of two hills. The bus station is North of the City in Wellington St,  I must have walked through this spot a 100 times.  I think it is ironic that the ad in the bus shelter is for headache tablets.  The bottom pic is of our old ATO (Taxation Building HQ) - now it is a Ritzy hotel if you can believe it.  This is near the start of St Georges Tce.  See the cars at the left of photo?... that road (Victoria Ave) heads straight to the river... I bet it was flowing really fast down this road and I am surprised to see cars there.  I bet the cars turning right into this road haven't thought about what they'll find at the bottom of the hill. To the right of this picture (just out of shot) there is a fairly steep hill.

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