Friday, 12 March 2010

Yubinuki #3

I finished a new thimble ring today.  I got a $10 gift voucher from my local craft store so I guessed it would be a good idea to get some more colours of the top stitch thread I use.  I usually remove the thread from the spool and card them (which is a much more efficient use of space) and I popped them all onto a big ring and off I went to the store.  I noticed while I was looking at the spool threads that there Gutermann makes a thin rayon thread that is sold on a grey spool.  It might be closer in size to the silk thread (than what I use) so next time I visit I will take down some of the thread from my kit.

The 8 left hand boxes are filled with the Perle 8 threadart colours. Some near the center are embroidery floss and some perle 12 and #40 threads I got given. The 3 boxes on the right are top stitch. I got 4 new colours today and some red bias tape.

Here is my new thimble.  It is not as well made as the first one  :(  but that's ok.  I think this time I was pulling too tightly which contributed to the waviness of the edge stitching.  It is the same size and sections as the last one. The colours are blue pink and green (not that the green shows up too well).

Here is a shot with the two new rings together. The red/orange one was definitely finished better.  That may have something to do with stitching the pink one while watching my son play and chatting to my girlfriends after school yesterday.

I am enjoying making the thimbles but will be putting them on hold for a few days so I can take an adhoc class with some previous Temari 101 students and also the second session for the school students. So I better sign off and prepare some balls.

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