Thursday, 18 March 2010

Well that'll hurt tomorrow.

I have been busy, busy, busy this week. 

Sunday was Adult temari class  - we are making a C10 sample ball and having Q&A about problem balls.

Monday was I took sixty plus Year 10's for temari classes. 

Tuesday started with several hours of filming for 5 tutorial videos about basic temari making and I was also very lucky to have my SIL, niece and nephew over for a nice long visit too. 

Wednesday I did a little re-filming and then edited all the tutorial videos. Tonight I wrapped 4 class balls for Barb's Sunflower class (just the yarn layer because the thread pack is still on its' way). The largest ball I have ever wrapped (51cm circumference) is now sitting on my hot chocolate table - I don't drink coffee so the term 'coffee table' is a bit redundant.  I couldn't quite fit enough rice hull into my stocking so I used 150grams of wool to get to the right circumference.  Now that was a whole lot of wrapping.  I am going to have absolute "arms of steel"* ... well one arm anyway the other will still be a "tuck-shop lady arm"**.  (Yes I just flexed both arms... it is true)

So now I still want to make the ball for the Braided Kiku challenge, finish those soccer bags and make the covered journals I promised to make for my Mum before Christmas - sorry Mum but I forgot.  I would also dearly love to make the TT mystery ball as I have never done one before and also stitch the kit yubinuki.  Please someone send me a cyber slap to knock some sense into me!!!

*  Reference to 80's and 90's work out series eg. buns of ... abs of... thighs of... etc
**FYI "tuck-shop lady arms" in case you haven't heard of them are actually flabby, fatty or/with loose skin.  I'm not sure if this is a global English word or just an Aussie one.

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