Monday, 1 March 2010

HHG Challenge Completed

Well I have finally finished the HHG challenge and I must say I really did learn a lot from the experience.  There are loads of lovely work being done but I must say I am rather drawn to the one completed by Jane C of World Embroideries fame.  Click here to see it

It took me three goes to get the crossover stitch right (the stitch taken to move from one shape to the next) but I am glad to say I did it.

Doing the stitch to move between shapes is not particularly difficult but for some reason I just couldn't quite get my head around it.  The pattern builds up row by row with HHG designs so I was already a few rows in before I twigged that something was funny. Note the error inside the circle.
I had another go on a C10 so I wouldn't have to commit myself to so many stitches before I could discover if something was wrong.  Lucky I did because you can see from the image below I had a rip out session and this is the thread I had to cut off the ball.  Also in this pic you can see the correctly stitched crossover on my third attempt.

Now I am confident the I worked out how to get the stitch done, I will have another go at a 32 center ball.

I still like the mistake ball and had I not pointed out the error people (those that don't  make temari) probably wouldn't pick it.  I think it speaks of 'wabi sabi' or imperfect perfection / finding the beauty in imperfect things.

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  1. I have a bowl full of "wabi sabi" that I find beautiful because they became learning moments. I laugh at myself for the silly little mistakes I make that makes the ball totally different than the one in the picture, but is perfection itself!

    Your site is beautiful. How lucky you are to have a group to stitch with!