Sunday, 28 March 2010

Weekend update! update!! update!!!

Sorry I've just been watching an old episode of SNL. My favourite weekend update(rs) were Tina Fey and Amy Poehler... and I liked Jimmy Fallon with Tina Fey too.  I can't think of TF anymore without hearing her say 'I can see Russia from my house!' Top points for her Sarah Palin take off!

Boy for someone who knows little to nothing about geometry I sure can go off on a tangent!!

Today is Earth Hour Day and we err... well... didn't actually participate this year.  I mean not tonight anyway... but we did have our electricity off for 7 hours on Monday night so does it count - being in the same week? not!!! But I have only just put all the candles away from Monday night. I wonder how many people in Perth did participate this year...  On the upside I have finally taught my son to turn off the lights in any room he is leaving and I haven't used my clothes dryer since 2009 - I used to be a 365 day clothes dryer queen.  OK so now I don't feel so bad missing out on the symbolic gesture of Earth Hour Day when I am making actual life changes to effect our planet.

OK now focusing on temari! 

Today my Adult Temari Class ladies popped in.  I am impressed how their sampler balls are going... I have only done 3 faces but will finish mine this week.  I like the idea of a sampler ball because it allows lots of small areas to play with new ideas without committing to a big ball of the design. You can choose to experiment with one particular stitch and change the colours etc or change the way you apply the stitches to the ball. So far on my ball I have used a tsumu kagari (spindle) and  uwagake chidori kagari (herringbone) and still want to do a Shitagake Chidori Kagari (braided), a pentagon rose garden, and a hoshi kagari (5 point star) I was also thinking of experimenting with some type of layered lazy daisy inside a bordered pentagon... but that might not actually work out.  I will post pictures when the ball is finished.

Last reminder for Competition entries

Been thinking about entering our thread pack competition? You know the one we're running to celebrate our Blog's 1st Anniversary? Please don't miss out, there are just a few days to enter before the draw on April 1st.  You are in a really great position to win! Entry is quite simple.. just join our blog and select the option to be a public follower.  All the competiton details are found here in the original post.

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