Friday, 22 July 2011

Road trip to nowhere

Out on the open road
Last week we took a road trip to... home. It was a nice day for driving so we set out for destinations unknown.

Mr W chose the direction we would drive toward by spinning around several times then randomly pointing and checking the direction with his compass. DH did all the driving, usually we swap but he was happy to drive the whole way, he suggested that it will be my turn to drive a whole trip next time... I bet we will be heading out to Road Train  territory. Oh how I do hate driving with road trains.

We headed Northeast to York and did a loop around to the South past Beverley and Brookton and turned back West and home via Armadale. All up we travelled almost 350km and had lunch in York (and visited the candy store again). Mr W proved he can run really fast across the suspension pedestrian bridge, after several attempts he managed to cross and return in just 20 seconds... but had to get helped back to the car because he was so exhausted. A nice (and clever) way to get a free piggyback if you ask me!

It was amazing to see how different the countryside looked since we visited back in April. I took a few pictures of the beautiful green fields.

Sorry we're travelling at 110kph, but look sheep!
In April this was dusty, brown and barren.

Love that sky

I adore the spots of blue peeking through the beautiful clouds and those lush green fields.
A cool looking gnarled dead gum tree, sorry still doing 110kph. 
We had afternoon tea in Beverly and played a few hands of Uno in the park there. We didn't stop at Brookton because we wanted to get home to collect the eggs before our chickens went to bed.

What a great day together.

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