Saturday, 9 July 2011

Big Fun with Little People

On Thursday we were lucky to have Miss D for a sleep over. It has been ages, maybe more than a year (?) since she came and stayed over night so we tried to make it a big treat.

On Thursday afternoon, after playing for several hours at my Mum's house, we got some shopping and fuelled up the car then we picked up Mr W from school. Off home to cook cookie pressed butter cookies. Miss D made heart shapes and Mr W made Christmas tree shapes. Next it was lots of fun with the neighbourhood kids playing basket ball and hide and seek in the garden. After dinner it was time for a nice long soak in the tub with some Japanese Bath Salts - which start out orange but turn the bath water green. Then it was story time and time for bed.

On Friday morning we made pancakes for breakfast. Miss D asked for mini ones. I made her a very small one and she said 'No Auntie, not small ones, Minnie ones!' Then I understood she meant Minnie Mouse shaped ones. We took Mr W to school and made a big puzzle with some of his classmates because it was Fun Family Friday. We got the puzzle finished before the bell rang so everyone got a token in their jar. Mr W got three because he also got one for each family member he had brought to school.

Back at home Miss D and I made soaps. Lots of mini shaped soaps (about 1.5kg altogether) which were made into hearts, 2 types of fish, flowers, stars and disk shapes. When they set we counted them out and packaged them up into little bags. We made some tags and tied them on with ribbons which Mr W later helped to write the names onto. After lunch we made some lip balm pots. Miss D wanted Raspberry and Chocolate flavoured balms. Next we wrote a shopping list and went to the store for a few things to make a roast lamb dinner.

We got back just in time to pick up Mr W from school and after a play on the monkey bars we came home for a snack. After running around the yard for a while and feeding the chickens/collecting eggs they both settled on the sofa to watch a movie and chat while I got the meat and vegetable ready for the oven. Just as I got everything in the oven (at about 4:30pm) I noticed that the conversation had stopped... Miss D has completely run out of energy and had fallen asleep.

The only thing we didn't get to do was paint Miss D's nails - we'll do that next time.

Soon Seth, Miho and Mr M arrived for dinner and DH came home from work. We ate dinner - we were all so hungry - and then we played a few rounds of UNO (Miss D and I were a team) and Mr M entertained us with some of his new comedy routines. He is so cute and finally beginning to come around to liking to be with me... maybe next time we can have him for a sleep over too.

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