Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Insert Happy Dance Here

Almost every night before bed I check my emails. Being in a time zone approximately 12 hours apart from many people I communicate with on the Internet makes this something of a necessity. Last night I didn't check my messages before bed, instead I sat by the heater and stitched temari (yes it was -0.4C and now it is July we are using the heating sparingly).

This morning at 7:30am I logged on to check my messages while we ate breakfast. I saw a e-card from Barb and it told me I had passed my Level 2 JTA submission. How exciting I am now Koutouka!!! I am glad I didn't know late last night or I may not have been able to get to sleep.

I really want to give thanks to Ai for facilitating and supporting all of us that choose to follow the path of JTA accreditation  Without Ai's kind assistance it is doubtful that any Westerner would have such opportunities. Also thanks must be given to Barb who held my hand, gently encouraged and supported my learning efforts over the past 2 years while I was making this journey.

I am sure many other people passed their submissions for various levels too. To date I know that Glenna Kipp has passed her Level 4 Kyoujyu (now a Professor of Temari) and I saw a notice on TT about Anne too (but I am not sure about the level she had submitted).

Congratulations everyone.

Now let the happy dance begin!!!

Thanks too Deb from Sydney who had already sent me an email to congratulate me this morning. 

Here is a sample ball pattern that was part of the submission.

In English:

In Japanese: 


  1. Congratulations to you Rebecca, well deserved!!

    Laura B

  2. Yesterday morning when Ai emailed me about your success, I wanted to shout around the world "WAKE UP REBECCA!" You had already turned off your computer for the night in Australia. I knew you'd have sweet dreams of success though!
    Congratulations! It takes so much work to write up all those patterns and stitch temari with such precision. Both your pattern write-ups and your temari are just gorgeous. It was a pleasure for me to help you along the way!

  3. Well done Rebecca. All the hard work has paid off. You must be very proud. Juno

  4. Congratulations! I love rainbow colors and the pattern is very interesting!

  5. Yea Rebecca! Doing a happy dance for you here too! Congratulations on your achievement.