Tuesday, 26 July 2011

I'm an Aunty


My brother and sister in law's much anticipated baby boy has arrived! He is quite a little night owl too arriving at 2:10am on July 22nd. A little smaller than his big brother at 3460g (7lb10oz I think) but just as cute. Like his big sister, brother and even bigger cousin he is gorgeous.  

Miho did an amazing job, using no pain relief at all.  Unfortunately I didn't get to learn any new Japanese 'bad language' during the labour. There really are no words to express how in awe I am because of the incredible person she is. My brother Seth was an excellent support person, they really are a fantastic team.

I had the honour of cutting the cord, which was surprisingly tricky to do. When I came home I had to apologise for the occasional ribbing I'd given DH through the last 9 years after he struggled with the same task when Mr W was born. I guess I am better with embroidery scissors than those blunt duck-billed hospital ones, but I did manage it after the midwife kindly teased me a little.

Team KAT: Miss D, Mr H, Mr W and Mr M
Team KAT is what I've dubbed our collective kids and represents our original and married surnames. They are all having their first hold of the baby in the photo above, Mr M looks like he is wriggling away to get another cupcake.

Miss D had called me to let me know 'the baby is coming today' and promptly requested cupcakes to celebrate. How could I resist?? Of course I made lemon cupcakes decorated with blue sugar hearts on top. I packed them in my bag and took them to the hospital with me before Mr H arrived.

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  1. Congratulations, your family is so beautiful!!