Monday, 25 July 2011

OMG that must have hurt!

Both our Isa Browns are finally back on the lay which is wonderful because it means 12-14 yummy brown shelled eggs from them each week. In addition to these we are also enjoying blue shelled eggs from both Auracana chickens (6-8 eggs per week). Last week our Polish/RIR started laying too, she has laid 4 eggs in the 6 days she has been laying and they have a lovely creamy pink tint on the shell. You might remember this is the chicken we got in exchange for the Rooster we gave back to the breeder a few weeks back. So the only hen not to be laying is our Andelusian... maybe she is sad that her Rooster buddy is gone or just hasn't matured enough yet to begin laying. This week we have gathered a grand total of 23 eggs.

Scratchy (the Isa Brown who had the horrible moult earlier this year) had not laid for about 3 months but since she has restarted her eggs are increasingly large. The weight and size of her eggs have grown from 50grams (1.76oz) to 60grams then 67 grams to 75grams and today her egg was a whopping 82grams (2.89oz).

Here is a picture of Itchy and Scratchy's eggs today.

These are Vegemite, Toetoe and Puffle's eggs.

And here is a comparison of the eggs from smallest to largest.

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