Saturday, 12 November 2011

Today I made...

Pendants with clay.

I made some of these a while back. I really enjoyed it and now that I have a little time I've made some more.

I have been experimenting with different designs and techniques.

Unfortunately my camera (more accurately Me the operator) can't quite get the colour represented right, the colours look nicer in real life. I really like how most of these turned out... even if some aren't quite right.

Can you see the little chain on the square purple one? I think I can see that one hanging on my temari scissors in the future.

I think my DH is a little frustrated with all the crafting going on in our house lately. He'd prefer I spent my entire day cleaning and cooking treats to eat. So yesterday I did a bit of folding... and now I can see my family room sofa again. I also baked a delicious salmon impossible pie for dinner.

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