Saturday, 5 November 2011

A dozen flowers... round up and a new bunch

So all in one post here are the images of my recent bunch of flower temari. Actually, although the post titles in this series we labelled A dozen flowers technically there were two dozen.

First, here are the twelve C10 faces.

Next is the same designs all stitched on S10.

I've also started restitching these designs on my football (soccer) temari. This temari has been wrapped and sitting in a drawer for about two years (maybe even longer) so I have been feeling a bit guilty about neglecting it for so long. The circumference on this one is 42.5cm so I should be able to get some nice detail down with pearl cotton #5.

I've got this one labelled with tags so I know which face to stitch each design on. I've also added the extra marking lines. This time I am stitching in 3 shades of pink, 3 shades of blue and 3 shades of purple so theoretically I should end up with 4 faces of each colour set. I don't expect I'll have this one (the third dozen) stitched before Christmas (although I just might surprise myself).
I am working on another temari (34cm) which I would like to show soon but it is still only half done and it is turning out too lovely to share an 'in progress' image.

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