Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Today I made...


Well actually these bead style Yubinuki took more than a day to make but you get the idea. They are threaded onto my Tekobari case so they didn't roll away.

I use fine silk threads to stitch the designs and fluffy silk topps to pad the base. Lucky me, I got all these supplies when Miho went to Japan last year. I have such an awesome sister.

You might remember a while back I made a bunch of forms for my Yubinuki so I had evenly spaced marking lines... they worked a treat. The Yubinuki above are S11 (purple/blue and green/magenta), S15 (blues/white) and S8 (blues and in-progress gold/bronze).

The S8 ones could have been stitched on S4 but I used the additional 4 marking lines to place the thin stripes.

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  1. Really beautiful. I especially like the middle and right end.