Saturday, 19 November 2011

Hinata Cafe

Today I have been participating in the 2011 Hinata Gallery Cafe. It is a pop up market organised by a group of Japanese artists/crafts people. I am the only non-Japanese stall holder. It was a really fun day today... almost like being back in Japan with all the happy faces and chattering Japanese voices all around me... except it is just a 3 minute drive from my house so I didn't get lost on the JR on the way there (like I do every time I catch any form of public transport in Japan).

I took along temari, yubinuki, kanzashi and several other types of crafts I make. I made a small table on which I had a display of temari along with my most recent JTA certificate.

On my larger table I had lots of things for sale and some items that had very small signs that said Not for sale.

I took these photos as I was setting everything up on Friday afternoon so not all the little signs are up and everything isn't quite ready but I guess you can get the idea.

I also made 6 types of cupcakes which were sold in the cafe: Lemon, Banana, Hummingbird, Orange White Choc with Cranberry, Double Chocolate and Cinnamon Caramel Apple.  Of course Mr W had to taste test every type but instead of having 6 whole cupcakes I cut them into thirds so he had a bite sized taste. I think my favourite is a tie between Apple and Hummingbird (I had a third of each and DH had the remaining third in our tasting party)

I really love spending time talking about temari and thimble making. I also love sending my creations off to new happy lives with people that fall in love with them. Thanks to everyone that stopped by today. I really enjoyed meeting and talking with you all.

I'll try to remember to get around to some other stalls and take photos tomorrow.


  1. What fun!!

    What is a hummingbird cupcake?


  2. Looks just delightful, rebecca!!! I wish I lived nerer Perth, for more than 1 reson now!