Thursday, 10 November 2011

Chick Magnet

I'm not sure how popular the term Chick Magnet is around the rest of the globe, but it is often used here in Australia. It is usually used to describe a male that has an amazing (almost magnetic) ability to attract lots of women (chicks).

Well here is a picture of my little 'Chick' Magnet.

The little chicks were 9 days old in these pictures (taken on Sunday) and took their first field trip onto the lawn in front of the cubby house which we have used as a nesting box. I was a bit worried that they wouldn't be able to get back up the step to the house, but after a few failed attempts they all managed it.

I hope that these are the only type of chicks Mr W attracts for a few more years!

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  1. They are a pretty family, I love animals.Enjoy your day.