Monday, 14 February 2011

Romatic Dinner... for one.

Last night our son had a sleep over at my brother's house. He loves staying with his cool cousins, Aunt and Uncle. I was invited to stay for dinner but I had plans to make a really nice dinner for DH and me. I got cooking and made a delicious garlic prawn tossed with steamed broccoli with a big garden salad. Only one small problem... when the prawns we almost cooked - perfectly timed for 8:45pm when DH was expected home - he didn't arrive. I checked his work roster then I realised he wasn't due home until 11:45pm. Bummer!!! And I had cooked mini banana cakes for dessert too.

So I slopped all the prawns on a plate with way too much salad (I missed lunch) and sat in front of the TV to watch some old movies. Never mind, it tasted so good it didn't mind that it turned out to be a dinner for one... and it almost made up for missing out on Miho's Karaage Chicken (only almost). The link above is not Miho making the Karaage Chicken but it is funny and the guy enjoys making it. This video below is the same guy but an updated video so it is easier to follow and has a variation of the recipe which includes the sauce. Enjoy Karaage Chicken.

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