Saturday, 19 February 2011

Interesting Results

A few posts back I mentioned that I had relabelled the 200 posts on this blog. It was a huge task (now I know why most people don't do it retrospectively) but it confirmed a few things I knew and others I had not even suspected. Here is a screen shot of the labels today.

The things I knew:
My favourite stitch is Uwagake Chidori Kagari.
My favourite division is C10.
I went through a phase of labelling posts with my name... but as I have ended up writing the majority of the posts... it was a bit redundant so I stopped.
Because of my desire to keep my threads straight (also because I forget to label my shapes and get lost when working the whole ball at once) I tend to make temari using Nejiri (interlocked weaving) rather than Kousa (layering).

What I never suspected:
My most used simple division seems to be S8 which is ahead by a nose (although most of the other simple divisions look fairly evenly utilised.)
I use a lot of stars (Hoshi Kagari) and pine needle stitching (Matsuba)
I should have a label for pentagon shaped stitching but I'm not sure what it is in Japanese... but I bet there would be a lot of that used too.
I use a lot of links to other sites.
I also like wrapped bands (Maki Kagari) more than I realised.

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I think my next goal should be looking through the skill checklist created by members of the Temari Challenge Yahoo group for new directions (new labels to add) to push myself toward and also review the very small labels to see what else I can do with those stitching elements.

Post Note: I have removed store and shop from this label list and replaced them with Supply Store Updates (Things I Sell) and Treats (Things I Buy).

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  1. Congrats on making 200 posts, Rebecca! That is quite an accomplishment. We all really enjoy your posts.