Monday, 7 February 2011

The Library

I love ordering books at the library. I always want to preview them before I commit to buying... nothing worse than being disappointed by your purchase (I have only purchased one temari book I didn't truly love... I'll not speak of it but you can go through my old posts if you want to know which one it is). I currently have about 5 or 6 books on order from other libraries around the state.

Today I received an email to notify me that the first of the 5 books I ordered to help me with my TC flower temari had arrived. I gathered all my bits and headed out the door. When I got to the garage I noticed the ash that has been blowing in from the fires around Perth. No wonder my nose and lungs are so cranky today, and my dogs so unhappy too, they just hate fires.

The other car was worse but of course being silver you couldn't see it in a photo. So off I headed down to the library and I also went to the bank, and grocery store for a bottle of honey and some cough drops for Mr Sickie (aka DH).

On the way home there was another fire alert on the radio. Sixty three homes are now guttered and another 34 have been damaged. The bureau of meteorology says that the winds we are experiencing are due to Ex Tropical Cyclone Yasi which has travelled all the way from Northern Queensland, through the Northern Territory and South Australia before entering Western Australia. They're not gale force winds but the air has heated up by crossing the desert which makes a very warm Easterly wind.  I made this map of the fire zones. Still thankfully no lives have been lost. Already this year there have been other large fires near Herne Hill and South of Mandurah. We can often hear the drone of water bombing planes throughout the day. The wind seems to have changed direction as we can smell less smoke this afternoon.

When I got home I sat down to check out the book which is really nice but maybe not so helpful for what I wanted. Here is the cover image.  It is applique after all and now my ideas are changing about what subjects to use for my project.
ISBN 9781863514118
There are some stunning waterlilies and irises in this book. More to ponder over the coming days....

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