Tuesday, 22 February 2011

New Zealand Earthquakes

Today I arrived back from reading at school and turned on the morning news to see that our New Zealand cousins are suffering a terrible day with many new strong after quakes from the major quake last September.

I know there are many temari makers in New Zealand... a good number of them are around Christchurch.

I immediately sent a text to one of my very best girlfriends who was born and raised in Christchurch. She replied a few minutes later to tell me she was actually there and she was still getting shaken about as many small shakes were continuing. I haven't spoken to Louise for a few weeks and was unaware that she was heading home for a visit.

Image from more before and after pictures available there.
Many buildings that shook but stood last year have fallen today. This image breaks my heart. I've walked around many of Christchurch's beautiful buildings including the church above on a visit to NZ a few years ago. Just 5 hours after the quake there are already 65 confirmed lives lost and many hundreds of people are trapped and injured.  
We Aussies and Kiwis always enjoy a good natured ribbing of each other, but today our hearts and prayers are with you.
If you can please say a prayer for these people.

For up to date news visit which is telecasting news directly from NZ TV3 news.

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