Sunday, 13 February 2011

Post #200... Time to Reorganise

This is the 200th post, wow that snuck up on me. I've realised that the labeling of the posts are getting a bit messy and need to be cleaned up. Ick sounds like housekeeping!! I have relabelled all the posts so that each type of stitching is covered.

These are the new labels I've just added:
32 Center
HHG-hito hude gake - continuous stitch
Hoshi - 5 pointed star
Jyouge Douji - merry-go-round stitching
Kousa - layered stitching
Maki - wrapped bands
Masu - square stitching
Matsuba - pine needle stitching
Mitsubane Kikkou - triwing
Mitsubishi - three diamonds
Nejiri - interlocking stitching
Sakasa Uwagake - reverse kiku herringbone
Shitagake Chidori - descending herringbone
Tsumu - spindle stitching
Uwagake Chidori - kiku herringbone stitching
Uzumaki - swirl stitching 

I think this is important so that I begin using the correct terms more regularly and so that it is easier to find all the examples of each type of stitching. It seems no longer enough to just categorise into the various divisions. If you are unsure what any of the labels mean click here to Japanese Temari's site where you will find a glossary with images.

In 2009 several members of the Temari Challenge group worked together to brainstorm a skills checklist. This was an important achievement because it has allowed many temari makers the ability to chart their own temari progress based on various skill milestones. I will probably add more new labels as I review my learning progress on the checklist.

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