Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Meet some new Girls

I think it is official... we have gone chicken mad! On Saturday we went up to Herne Hill (fairly close to where the recent fires north of Perth burned... and there was another fire raging a bit further northwest on Saturday too) to buy some more chickens.

This time we got two 16 week old Blue Andalusian hens. They were crammed into a tiny cage with about 6 other birds and looked very sad indeed so we had to liberate them. That doesn't mean we stole them, of course, we paid for them. They are much smaller than the other chooks who are now 30 weeks old and happily laying 7 eggs each every week. We have to keep the girls all separated because they are two different gangs... 'The Blues' and 'The Browns'. So for the next 4 weeks they need to be able to see each other but not be able to fight.

Itchy and Scratchy testing the 'Range'
 The pen seems a little small when divided up so we saved some tables from the trash and have converted them into a run that we will be able to move around the yard.  A penned kind of 'free ranging' so they are also safe from our dogs. By re-purposing the tables we saved about $400 on the purchase price of something similar available on eBay and done our bit to reduce Perth's landfill. Aah Double Happiness!!!

The new chickens are called Andie and Lusia... get it? Andalusian??!! Yep we were having a low inspiration day. Ok so Itchy and Scratchy wasn't that creative either but the names seem to fit.
We have an idea of the next chicken breed we may purchase... Araucanas... they lay blue or green or pink eggs. The insides are the same as regular eggs.

 Seth wants to get Marans which are layers of chocolate brown coloured eggs... I'd get them too if they laid actual Chocolate Eggs... Maybe I need to buy a goose that lays Golden eggs?! Then we could pay off the house quick smart and in a hurry!!! LOL

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