Monday, 2 April 2012

Today I made... a bunny...

then I accidentally killed it. More temari stuff to share, I am getting really behind with this blog (and everything else in general) but this is a quick one.

Here is the before pic...

Not too ugly (or bad) for an absolute beginner, of course the pre-made flowers and laves hide the worst bits. It is hand painted flooded royal icing on a chocolate egg. The girls at Bunbury Cake Works wrapped it up in cellophane with a lovely string. But 90 minutes later....

It looked like this...

Oh the humanity!!!! or is that bunmanity?

Oh well that's how it goes!!! Good news is DH and Mr W enjoyed eating it, and I learned a new technique (even though it may, er will, take me years to master it). I was really sad for about half a nanosecond until I remembered (a lesson I learned but adapted from temari making) it was only chocolate and royal icing so it didn't really matter. Thankfully the ladies at the store took a picture so I asked Maria to email it to me.

By the way Mr W said it was quite nice (he meant delicious) as he munched it to bits.


  1. It was so cute while it lasted, and I'm glad you have such a positive atitude!

  2. ..I red "bunny....killit..." you should watch my face!!!It's nive...or It could be better to tell "It was nice".
    Was it good?