Saturday, 21 April 2012


My Mum loves second hand shops. She can't go past a goodwill store like Vinnies, Red Cross, Good Sammy's or even an RSPCA. Actually she wont pass up the opportunity to enter any 'junk' store even the smallest tackiest one. But She also has a great eye for a bargain and can pick the valuable treasure every time. This skill has held her in very good stead over the years as her fossicking has unearthed many treasures that now grace her beautifully decorated home.

We have taken two trips together into the countryside recently which has meant we've done some fossicking for goodwill treasure.

In York I picked up four lovely Japanese plates with Sakura patterns on them, they are a perfect size for holding a temari ball secure. I actually saw the dipping bowls for this set in this video from one of my favourite YouTube chefs whose channel is called Cooking with Dog. (Just so you know they don't actually cook dog on this channel)

In Donnybrook I got some plastic egg cartons and a replacement cooler bottle (for the not so princely sum of 50c) for Mr W's lunch box. Mum got some fly nets that go over your head, a crystal bowl with a lid and some stuff for the kids.

At Boyanup we visited a really gorgeous store called Rustic French Living. Ok it isn't a junk shop but it does have some up-cycled clothing, and a lovely cafe area inside an old Methodist Church building. We had a delightful morning tea and made several purchases.

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