Sunday, 15 April 2012

Photo first, eat second

A few weeks back I drove to Bunbury to take a class in egg decorating. Then I made some cute Easter egg cookies decorated in a similar manner and promised to take photos... but I forgot and when I remembered they had already been handed out and eaten. Never mind.

Today I went to my friends baby shower. I took along some iced biscuits and cupcakes. Lucky I took some pictures before I left because there were none left at the end of the party.

Here are some of the biscuits I made. The icing is a bit shaky, I am still just starting out at piped/flooded icings but they tasted really nice.

Since we don't know if the bub will be a girl or a boy I tried to make neutral baby bottles... and nothing says you're not sure more than mint green and lemon yellow. I made a heap more bottles and hearts. I really liked the butterflies and they we really fun to make.

The cupcakes were nice too... some ladies thought they were from a bakery so that is a nice compliment (I think).

Here is a photo of some of the ones that made it to the shower. They were a vanilla butter cake with butter cream icing. I piped a rose topping shape on the top and intended to make some candy blossoms to go on the top... but I ran out of time. So instead I sprinkled them with sparkly sugar and hearts... I need to make some blossoms in advance and keep them in a box ready to use next time.

And of course this was a brand new recipe that I had wanted to try for ages. There were a few that didn't quite pass quality control... the first batch oozed all out the top and down the sides of the cupcake wrappers (the doggie, husband and son enjoyed several of them) and then some of the second batch rose then sunk below the top of the wrappers. Frustrating or what?! Never mind I've still got this many left... not sure if I should just give them to the chooks and dog, or just ice them in the morning for my son and husband (and nibble on a few myself). Here are the ones that John West rejected...

Honestly I don't know why they all turned out so different. I think my cooking mojo must be on holiday, or maybe I should just ditch the recipe I used ad stick with my usual tried and true ones.

The baby shower was pretty fun, I even won a prize for guessing what each bit was on various baby scans. Who knew I was so darn smart! Not really, two of my choices were pure guesses, and two more were switched at the last second. Really the only part I was sure of was the spine. I almost mixed up the heart and kidney until I realised what I thought was a head was actually a butt.

Back to stitching tomorrow, hoping I can get the first of my ladybirds onto my temari. Boy am I far behind with this stitch-a-long... more like a stitch behind... never mind I'll get there.

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