Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Temari Stands

I purchased some wooden shadow box stands from York some weeks ago to display my temari when I am at festivals. I felt I needed some extra security to stop them rolling away if the table gets bumped so I purchased some discs to sit the temari on, this also means the temari wont sit on the woods' beeswax finish.

The bonus of clear ring is that he fade away to the background and will go with every temari (I don't need to remember which stand goes with which temari), but as I looked at them in the packages I thought about what they might look like covered in thread to match a temari. I tried to wrap a single ring but couldn't get it to look neat so I stacked two together and it came out really nicely.

Here is the same blue wrapped ring from the photo above placed under a temari. I think I will wrap a ring stand for all my future gift temari.

The same temari on top of the large and small disk is featured in the photo below. I like that they temari looks like it is floating just above the surface, but it wont roll away.

I am also going to stick one of these rings into my temari project bag so that when I have to put it down for a spell it wont roll away from me then either.

If you want some of these rings I've added some of my excess (I purchased way more than I need) here.

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