Sunday, 22 April 2012

Our feather babies

Peep 22wks

Back in February our broody chicken set her second clutch of eggs, now they are 8 weeks old and getting huge. Also the chick we kept from the previous clutch is fully grown at 24 weeks and will soon be laying eggs (we hope!)
It is funny how the chicks change as they grow. First they are cute fluffy bundles of yellow downy feather, then they begin to go through that awkward teenage stage where feathers start sticking out in random places, and they look long and gangly. Then as they get toward 9 weeks old the feathers all begin to look more even and the funny stubby tail feathers begin to grow in properly and they start looking nice again.

Chicks at 7wks

We've put the new chicks up for sale so Toto can get back to laying some eggs again instead of fussing over 5 chicks. Soon they will be off to other homes, but we are keeping one gal for my niece and nephews flock.

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