Thursday, 15 December 2011

We built a house...

made of gingerbread!

Every year we make a house with the kids at out tree decorating night, it's just one of those traditions we love to keep going. We got the biscuit part from IKEA and decorated it with so much candy I am surprised can bear its' own weight... a good portion of candy didn't make it onto the house of course.

I finally found the best table to decorate this on a thin trestle table. This means the adult helpers and all the kids can get really close to the house from all sides and the bowls of candy can be evenly distributed around... this means no fights because someone is in the way. Of course I haven't figured out how to get it to stick together without placing something inside it to support the house while it dries. I've got some small dipping bowls in the house that I usually use for gyoza sauce... (last night we had to be a bit uncivilised and use a small jug to pour the sauce over our gyoza.)

It smells so yummy every time I walk past it I just want to eat it! The only thing that stops me is remembering the number of times all those little fingers got licked while picking up the sweets.

The kids sure did have fun though, and by next year Mr H will be getting his sticky fingers in there too. This will no doubt get munched on Christmas day.

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  1. What a fun thing. I do it every year with grandbabies, looking forward to having them next week!!

    Your children are so lucky for a mother like you!