Wednesday, 14 December 2011

One less Christmas gift under my tree

 As we gear up for our own Christmas celebrations, making everything special and perfect, surrounding ourselves with friends and family, sometimes we get so focussed on our own small circle it is easy to forget those outside of it. This year I'd like to encourage you to place one less gift under your Christmas tree and use those funds to help someone else in need.

Barb linked to video a few days ago, but I've also linked to it in this post. Click the caption below if you haven't seen this you-tube video, but grab a tissue (if you're like me) you'll need it. Please watch the video because it is all about thanks and more importantly hope. It is wonderful that despite experiencing such a horrifying event, life for some is beginning to evolve into a new type of normal.

Japan says thank you to friends around the world
Many organisations are still taking donations for the 11.3 Tohoku Earthquake Appeal and I've linked to the one being organised by the Japanese Consulate in Australia. Donations will be accepted until March 2012.

I have made many donations to various agencies for this appeal including my latest at through the Genki Japan festival. Here is also a beautiful song sung by some guys in Australia, Pray for Japan, Play for Love project.

You could also choose to help someone (or some other cause) in your own local district. There are people that are sleeping rough (are homeless) every night in every neighbourhood around the world. We've recently had major fires through our own state (in and around Margaret River, Prevelly and Grace Town) which burnt out many homes and properties.  Please join me in giving up one gift under your tree to help make a big difference for someone you will never meet.

Best wishes from me to you and yours this holiday season.

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