Thursday, 8 December 2011

Miss D's Tee

I have tried to be a bit more creative with the gifts I give this year for Christmas. I know that space in all our houses is limited and filling them up with even more toys is not preferable. I got Miss D a really cute flared skirt in a bright pink colour and purchased a plain white tee to go with it. I wanted to embroider something onto the t-shirt to make the two items more of a set. Now I just need to decided on gifts for the boys.

I've never embroidered anything before (ok I've done loads of temari but IMO embroidery is quite a different form of stitching).

I looked on the Internet for some cute pictures of flowers and when I found some things I liked I played around with them on my computer until I got the look I wanted. I had no idea how to get the design onto the fabric so I just printed it onto paper and placed it behind the fabric then traced it out lightly with a pink pen. Sorry purists I know you are most likely cringing right now about how I transferred the design but it seemed to work ok and I'll try to work out some better way next time.

Anyway here is how it turned out. I haven't given it yet, but that's probably ok... she is only 3.91 years old and doesn't read my blog anyway.

So here it is. My first embroidered item, stitched in 3 shades of pink, with lots of love... and a few wonky stitches.

I should have flicked the tags out over the back of the shirt before I took the picture because you can see them (green and pink shadows) through the fabric. There was more design on the sheet that I made but I only transferred small sections at a time. When I got to this point I thought it was enough for such a tiny top.

I hope she likes it!

IMO means in my opinion in computer shorthand.

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