Tuesday, 13 December 2011

More embroidered T-Shirts

Last week I shared a T-shirt that was embroidered for Miss D. Today there are a few more that I've done.  These two were given to Mr B.

I really love the gnomes, they're so cute. I think I am getting a bit better.

This time I transferred the design using Chaco paper. It is a waxy chalk transfer paper made by Clover. There are 5 assorted coloured sheets in the pack so there is always a colour that will show up no matter what the fabric colour you're using. There is also a 'pen' you can buy to trace the designs with when using this paper, but it was $9 (a bit exy* for my taste) so I used an old Nintendo stylus that kept falling out of the holder in Mr W's DS.

*Exy is Australian slang for expensive.

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