Saturday, 3 December 2011

It's December 1st!

Sorry I forgot to hit the POST button so this entry is a little late.

I just can not believe how fast this year has gone! Today we begin December which means a final mad dash towards Christmas. The next two months are non stop in our family with Mr M, Miss D and Mr W all having their birthdays near (or in Miss D's case on) Christmas Day.

We will start putting up the tree tonight which means rearranging some furniture and juggling boxes (trying not to break my neck or anything else for that matter) of ornaments etc. I also need to get my baking list together and recheck my gift list. I've got such a lot to do and I can't help procrastinating about it.

We did get the first job done last night. Mr W wrote his cards out for his classmates and teachers. He also chose a small gift for each of his teachers from my present shop. Through the year whenever I find something so adorable that I just can't avoid buying it, I buy it and place it into my gifting draw. I think I've been a bit of a naughty shopper this year because Mr W had a really wonderful selection of items to choose from. He took ages looking over every item and evaluating them... I am amazed that he actually chose the things I had purchased with his teachers in mind.

We have opened our Christmas treat. Quality Street Chocolates yummy!!! They are usually really hard to get but this year Coles (one of the big chain grocery stores in Australia) has them (and they are on special 1/2 price yay!!) My favourite chocolates (apart from Lindor which I've put into Mr W's advent stockings this year) I also love the tin that the chocolates come in... many people I know have kept the tin(s) over the years and use them for storing various bits and bobs.

I've got several temari projects on the go right now but they are on pause for the next week or so.

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