Tuesday, 4 January 2011

De-treeing the house and gaining a room

Today it is time to do the job I loathe, I can't avoid it any longer... putting away the Christmas tree. How can something that is so joyous to put up be such a chore to put away? And where do the hordes of people that help decorate it disappear to? I wonder if Martha Stewart's many housekeepers feel the same?

I remember when I was a kid one of the neighbours had a huge argument just before Christmas and the next thing we saw was their decorated tree and many various presents go flying out their front door and all over the lawn. Unfortunately this memory still makes me laugh, but now I am a parent I can understand the frustrations of being the Mum, and I do consider doing the same thing after Christmas just to avoid packing away the decorations.

After almost 3 hours of searching for decorations and then the correct box to store them in we are finally tree free for another year. I told the boys that we would be doing a 'special family project' when they returned from swimming today... I think they guessed it was taking down the tree because they should have returned by 12pm but they rolled back down the driveway just after 2:30pm. On the upside they did come back sporting haircuts so that is a job off my list.

Now that we have the use of our family room again we spent some of the afternoon playing wii because it is just too hot and sticky to be outside. I stink at baseball (and many other things too) but I can out shoot and hula hoop the boys.

I also unpicked the banding on the temari I had recently posted about but I can't work out what to put back on, I am thinking thin ribbon but I'm just not sure. I mean how would I hide the cut ends? So back into the UFO pile it goes for a little longer.

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  1. I just had to laugh. One year my tree stayed up til July. Couldn't get help to take it down. My ex-husband would tell people he wasn't taking it down because it was his birthday tree, since he was a Christmas baby.