Friday, 21 January 2011

Pretty Pretty Shiny Shiny

If you've got kids (or grand kids) you may have heard this being chanted... I think it is from the kids cartoon My Gym Partner 's a Monkey... which I am sure is a program designed to rot children's brains (like 98% of all children's television) but it's one of my son's favourites and I guess if I don't let him watch the Simpsons then maybe it all evens out?!... or not. 

Anyway this post is not about children's tv but rather my newest favourite thing. My 9 litre stainless steel maslin (jam) pan with interior volume measurements marked in litres and pints right on the inside. It is much more shiny in real life. Tomorrow I am taking it up to my Mum's house for it's maiden cook up. I am going to try Cherry Jam without pectin... I really hope it works out because I'll be pitting 1.5kg of cherries for the job (of course Mr M will probably eat a good portion of them, he is like a truffle dog and can sniff out pitted cherries at 500 metres) if it doesn't set up we will have some delicious ice-cream topping anyway.

I am going to be sure to wear an old black shirt so I wont care if it gets ruined. I dug my cherry/olive pitter out from the back of the utensil draw and my microplane to shred the lemon peel - actually the microplane just needed washing up as I used it to shave Romano cheese onto my pasta dinner tonight.

I also purchased a knob of ginger at the store today because I want to make some pink pickled ginger, not sure if that will happen though as I forgot to get rice wine at Seoulmart today so I might need to find another use for it... maybe shredded with the microplane into warm water... mmm ginger tea! I think Miho wants to make piccalilli and I'm not sure what Mum will make.

Next week I am going to make up another big batch of Sherry Brescia's Pasta Sauce, I made some a few weeks ago and it was delicious even though I forgot to add the red wine and Parmesan to it. Now I have this huge pot I won't have to worry about it sloshing out the top of the pot when I stir it.


In Temari related news: I have finished wrapping my TC ball, it worked out to be 49.7cm  round, and I have marked it as a C10. I am still stuck on the TK ball... thanks to Jane I know the shape to stitch but I'm still not quite sure on how far from the pole to begin so I'm going to wait for more info... I hate ripping out!

I received a voucher from my local Spotlight store (like Joannes?) for $40 off with a $100 purchase and found some 100g balls of yarn for $2 and $3 each, 4 Milford threads and some cheap spools of over locker thread (2000m for $1) so I splurged and now I have enough wool (I lost count at 35 balls) to reach from my doorstep all the way into the main post office in the Perth CBD... (this is between 15-18kms) Thank goodness I hoard the shipping boxes sent to me, I have a huge box full of yarn now.

I also started to clean out my workroom, which was looking like a scene from 2012. All the larger boxes are away (including the Christmas Decorations too) so all that's left is the counter top. Now I just need to get the 2 bathroom exhaust fans and the kitchen range hood installed so there will be a little more space in the corner for our teams Soccer equipment which has come to live at our house again until September. I don't hold out too much hope for this as I have been 'very gently' suggesting that we install the range since 1999 (no sadly I am not joking, embellishing or mistyping the year) and 'less gently' suggesting that we install it since 2009 when we did a mini renovation of the kitchen. I think I need to strike until this installation work is done, maybe a stitch in... I could refuse to do anything except temari making until the range hood is installed, or maybe sit the box on my hubby's pillow until he gets tired of moving it every night. Any other suggestions??

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  1. Heck NO other suggestions! I love the stitch-in strike!