Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Queensland is wet and getting wetter

Our weather has been unusually harsh here in Australia. We have extensive flooding in several states including the mid coastal area of my own state (the big orange one). But Queensland has it particularly bad with an area roughly the size of New South Wales under water. This is quite a horrifying thought. Here is a map of Australia, Queensland is purple and New South Wales green.

 Now here is the same map broken up, I haven't altered any of the sizes, you can see NSW inside Queensland. This is approximately the size of the flood affected areas..

I have made contact with many East Coast temari makers (rather a lot of them live in Queensland) everyone I have been in contact say they are that so far they are lucky to remain more or less dry but many of their family or friends haven't been so lucky. So far 10 people have been swept away and drowned. I want to ask you to please join me in praying for those water levels to drop so everyone can get back to a safe and normal life. And if you gals in Queensland (especially Kristy, Rosa, Daphne, Vicky, Joyce, Belinda and Sonia) are reading this, just know my family's and my thoughts are with you all. 

Traditionally many homes in Queensland were built like the one pictured below. It is a style referred to here as an 'Old Queenslander' (my hubby always talks about wanting to buy one of these... I keep telling his he is an old Queenslander so there's no need to buy one). The area under the house is used for storage rather than living space and even the cyclone fencing is designed to allow the water and wind to flow through. We have been in such a state of drought for so many years that lots of new homes are now built at ground level... and in flood affected areas these new homes are now under water to the roof line.

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I know there have also been terrible storms in the US and Europe, if you are in an area affected by nasty weather right now please stay safe and well (and know I am saying a little prayer for you too).

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