Thursday, 13 January 2011

Incredible flash flood footage

We are experiencing flooding over much of Australia right now. Queensland has it the worst right now with more than 10 people killed in the flood waters and many more missing.

All my hubby's family are spread out around Queensland and have been trying to keep in contact, so far they are safe and sound. For that we are thankful. A King Tide is expected in a few hours which will raise levels in the Brisbane river, which could flood many more areas in the city itself.

I have been trying to make contact with all the Qld based temari makers I know, many areas have no electricity and communications are difficult but I am hopeful that they are all OK.

Incredible flash flood footage: "Watch the terrifying flood waters of Toowoomba rise before your eyes. Courtesy of David, Toowoomba. "

Please keep flood affected Australians in your hearts and prayers.

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  1. Your countrymen are in my prayers that the flood waters recede without more loss.