Sunday, 23 January 2011

We're going to eat the grandchildren!

First off they are not human grandchildren! Thankfully I don't have any of those as my son is only nine himself. Rather we have collected the first eggs from our chickens today. Here is a pic of Mr W holding them. Note the excitement on his face and the blurry egg at right because he couldn't stand still.

The eggs are quite small being just 40g and 41g but from what I've read they'll get progressively bigger over the next few weeks of laying. It is interesting that the egg shells are different colours even though the chickens are the same breed, although one chicken has slightly darker feathers than the other. I think we may have quiche for dinner tonight and also give our dogs some egg on their dinner to use up the last of our purchased eggs.

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  1. I love that photo! Should be in a magazine for happy kids!