Monday, 31 January 2011

Humidity Insanity

This summer has been so humid. We are all tired of being sticky and I am definitely sick of the trickle of sweat coming from the back of my neck... if there ever was a good reason to cut off all my hair this is it. Perth is not usually humid so many people (including us) cool their houses with evaporative airconditioners. Cheap to run, constant fresh air entering the house and adds moisture to our dry, hot air. All awesome bonuses over refrigerated airconditioning until... we have some humid days then it is useless... actually it is worse than useless. Something akin to sucking on an ice cube to stay cool while standing on the surface of the sun... yep that kind of useless.

The upside of the heat and humidity is that you can catch the people you love doing some really odd things... this insanity can bring unexpected delights to your day. Today Mr W got out all his connector pens and made a fez shaped hat out of them, which he then wore around the house for a few hours. Yesterday he wore his rice paddy hat around the house. We've kept the aircon off and resorted back to hand fans; Mr W used his large woven reed fan (he looked me straight in the eye and said "Mummy you need to feed me some grapes") and I used a page sized plastic magnification sheet. I told him that when I was a kid, most houses in Perth had no airconditioners so using a fan was how we kept cool... he is constantly amazed at how old I am. I always remind him that at least we are both much younger than his dad. It makes me feel better until... he dobs me in for saying it. I need to bribe him with chilled tim tams.

 If my weaving works out I may have something to share in my next post.  And if it doesn't I'll have a 'how not to' post.

Wherever you are on this big round rock I hope you are warm/cool enough and dry... and doing something you love. Happy stitching!

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