Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Thimbles a go-go. (Yubinuki # 8 and #9)

Two posts in one day??? Technically Yes but actually No... I just forgot to publish the previous one yesterday.

It seems I am hooked on thimbles right now.  Not too sure why, but my next project is definitely a temari because my eyes can't take the tiny stitches without bright light... and I am going to end up with work lamp tan if I make any more this week.

These are my latest efforts. Both are stitched with Gutermann 30 Sulky rayon in 4 colours on 6cm bases one has yellow bias and the other is navy.
You will notice the top one is fairly flat looking and I didn't really like that look so I plumped up the base on the next one to give it a little more curve. I am not sure it this flat look is due more to the height of the thimble rather than lack of padding. But adding a bit more thread to the second pink one certainly helped. 

The Gutermann thread is definitely not as nice to use as the Japanese thread but given that my thimbles are a little taller than the one I stitched in the Japanese thread the stitch angle may have contributed to the look.

If you are wondering 'Hey what happened to Yubinuki #7?' Well that is the one I have made for my Mum's birthday so I wont be showing it until next week. Sorry folks... check back next week :)

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