Sunday, 4 April 2010

Happy Easter

What a busy week this one has been.  I haven't even started stitching my 2nd Sunflowers Class temari and it is already Saturday!  I have been busy crafting but this week has involved felt, papier mache, paint, glitter and foil.  I have also started a new Yubinuki but not enough is done to show it right now.

This week I have completed 3 Easter hats.  The first one was for my Son's Easter hat parade at school.  He was so pleased to win a prize for it.  I was also happy because it was the first time we had ever tried making something with papier mache.  The picture below right is an actual Cadbury Creme Egg on which the design was based. The 'creme' part was made with 2 layers of white felt a small circle of orange felt and had some wadding sewn between the layers to make it puffy.  These eggs are really popular here at Easter time (the only time they are sold) and our boy loves them... IMHO they are too sweet and can almost feel my teeth begin to decay just looking at them.

The other two hats were from a free project by PurlSoho. I made one exactly from the pattern with pale pink ears for my niece and one at 85% size with pale blue ears for my nephew. I changed the ears a little by cutting them out with pinking shears to make them look more cartoonsy and handmade.  I also made the ties from 3 lengths of Perle 5 cotton which I twisted to form thick cords.  The kiddies looked so cute with long eared bunny hats on... but I forgot to take a picture... I think their mum took one so I will try to get a copy.

Image from PurlSoho Blog see link above.

We had an awesome BBQ today at Kings Park.  Tomoko, Miho Suzanne and I (from our temari group)were all there with our families along with a bunch of other friends to celebrate my brother's birthday.  The kids had an Easter egg hunt, and played cricket, soccer, and rugby - all which helped to burn off some of the sugar rush.  Before we knew it the clock read 5pm and it was time to pack up.  

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  1. These hats are too cute!! The children are beautiful!!!