Friday, 16 April 2010

Sunflowers are all done [insert sad face here]

Ball 3 is all stitched and Barb's Sunflowers class is completed.  Here it is.  Thank you Barb for being such an awesome teacher... I need to start saving my pennies for another class. 

I really love how simple this one was... it was the perfect wind down from the previous balls.  I definitely think I will be doing this one again soon because it is one of those quick hit projects.

Here is my little sunflower family all together.

Sorry for the rather dodgy pictures in today's post. In the last 2 weeks we have killed a mobile phone, printer and now our computer... so this post was created on an alternate machine with rather limited programming.

Within half an hour of finishing the last class ball I had picked up my latest thimble project and got back into it again.  No picture yet but it is in red and white with a navy blue base.  I just can't keep my hands still.

I ordered two (yes greedy me) pin cushion kits from ma mercerie on etsy.  They are so lovely and I have admired the completed ones that Chloe Patricia sells from time to time.  I have had one of 'those' weeks and needed a little treat to help the medicine go down and who needs a spoonful of sugar anyway?

I have also earmarked a future project.  Glenna K has made the MOST beautiful wreath from temari. See pics of it at her webshots  album.  Now I just need to work out how to distract my DH while I gather the supplies needed for making the 72 balls.  Glenna kindly sent me some formula to work out how to make one.  This will be a long term project... so I had better finish off the quilt I started about 2 years ago first.  I just need to unearth it from amongst the UFO pile I have accumulated.


  1. Well done, Rebecca! Your sunflowers are beautiful. I also ordered kits from Chloe Patricia for thimble rings. I bought a finished one from her a while back. I can easily make bracelets and napkin rings but am having trouble going smaller. I bet her kits will help a lot.

  2. The sunflower set are just beautful!!