Monday, 19 April 2010

Yubinuki # 6

I think I am getting into the swing of making the yubinuki now.  Today I am unveiling the 6th installment of these adventures into thimble making.  I have decided I can't make out the patterns too well so I am doing what I did at the beginning of temari making... just stitching away trying different things and seeing what comes out.  Although this seems wildly unscientific I found that once I had tried several different ideas on my own the patterns from Japanese books seemed to make more sense to me.

This thimble ring was made using a 6cm circumference nivea lipbalm case for the mold, yellow 12mm bias tape, yellow polyester sewing thread for the padding and 4 colours of Gutermann Sulky Rayon 30 thread.

1 comment:

  1. This yubinuki is quite beautiful!! I am just now discovering Temari and now: Yubinuki! I hope to begin to make one soon. I am looking for patterns. I wish I could meet with you all in Australia. However, I live in Louisiana, in the U.S. I supposed we are linked via this internet, though. Best wishes.