Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Needles down... let's break out the board games

First a little update from last week's Easter post...  I wanted to add pics of the little Easter bonnets I had made and here they are better late than never.  Thanks Miho for taking the photos.
Easter has come and gone and now we are settling into the 1st week of school holidays.  I use the term 'settling' very loosely because the post chocolate binge seems to have caused raging tantrums in many households.  What is the thing I love most about holidays??? Undeniably it would be the sleep ins!!!  Next week my DH begins 2 weeks of holiday leave... it will be awesome to have some family time together before school starts back for the next term.  I am sure I will have my son trying to kick my butt at Babanuki and Monopoly more than once this holiday... We taught him too well!!!

All this means I will only have a tiny bit of crafting time available in the next few weeks.  I aim to get my 2nd sunflower ball completed this week and hope to finish off my half made thimble too.
Both images from Bakerella see link below

Regular readers of this blog know I love all types of crafty things and how much I like to mooch around in other peoples 'Blogs I read' lists.  Recently I came across the bakerella blog in a cakewrecks post. It is devoted to the most gorgeous tiny cakes I have ever seen.  The image above is little Easter Chickens and today's post (I am now a follower of so many blogs) showed these cute little hats.  Aren't they just so cute?! The cakes on sticks are made with balled up cake which is dipped in what I imagine is melted tinted white chocolate.  All I can say is WOW. I want to try this out!

A fellow temari maker (Glenna K) posted about earthquakes in Baja last week sploshing water out of her pool and knocking over things in her home.  It got me thinking about how lucky we are in Perth to not get earthquakes.  I did a little investigating and made some interesting discoveries and it seems I was wrong.  In fact we've had 22 since 1 January 2010 in Western Australia, the last four of  were here:
2.3 at Mukinbudin, WA. 3 April 2010
3.0 and 2.0 at Burakin WA. 30.March 2010
2.7 at Kalgoorlie Districts, WA. 28 March 2010
So we do have them but we just don't feel them because they are minor quakes that occur in mostly outlying country areas.  Another interesting discovery (well probably just to me) is that there is a place in WA called Mt Rebecca which had a 3.8 quake this year.  OK that is enough Geoscience for one life time.


  1. Luckily I have avoided the monopoly... but he has bankrupted my Mum. I got a 1/2 day session of Lego in... how hard are those little end roof cap bits to find??

  2. Oh I forgot to add in the post that babanuki is the Japanese version of the card game old maid. My SIL and her Mum taught it to us when we visited Tokyo in 2007/8.