Saturday, 1 May 2010

Thimble #7

Well today is May 1st and now that my Mum has her gift it is time to share it with you too.  It was made with a kit purchased from Ma Mercerie.  Last year I made my Mum a temari set in Black, White and Pink so this follows the same colour theme.

I am quite pleased with it although in such a large close up it looks kinda jagged on the edge.  Still there is definite improvement since the 1st thimble I made almost 12 months ago. 

I have committed myself (no not to the nut house - surprisingly) to sharing a picture of my 1st thimble when I get to number 15.  Only six more to go and I am actually getting excited about it.  I first tried thimble making about 3 months before the Thimble group started on Yahoo.  It was so awful that I never let anyone see it.  But I have kept my little shameful thimble to serve as a reminder of how persistence and practice in the face of utter failure makes us better at whatever we are trying to achieve.  I also have my first sad attempt at temari making too... but that is a whole other story... perhaps I might share that one day too.

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