Monday, 17 May 2010

Thimble Eye Candy

I haven't stitched a lot lately.  After my recent bad cold I have been getting tingling in my arms when I stitch for too long.  I think I put out the top of my back or shoulder joints from hacking (coughing) away all those days before finally giving up and going to the doctor for some antibiotics. So while surfing the net (looking for inspiration or maybe just wasting time) I came across this awesome site. I have added the link and translated the Kanji so you know what each title means.  (The site details are below the pictures.) But first I want to share my favorites from this site.  Just a small sample of what you'll see when you visit.  By the way my #1 pick is the group image at the bottom, it only just edges out the top left thimble which has me lost for words... except for... wow!

These hearts reminded me of the Debi's recent blog post with her virtual stitching.
店主のギャラリー Owner's Gallery
ゆびぬき  Yu Binuki
 ・うろこ模様 - Scale pattern
 ・青海波 - Qinghai-wave
 ・矢羽 - Flight
 ・金魚 - Goldfish
 ・元禄・縦うろこ  - Vertical scales Genroku  
 ・市松と鹿の子 * Checkered and Kanoko
 ・阪神シリーズ - Kobe Series
 ・応用デザイン - Application Design
 ・花シリーズ  - Flower Series
 ・その他 Others
This site sure does give me something to aspire to.

I have nothing of my own to share today.  Sorry, but I do have 2 projects in progress which I will put up later in the week... or when they are completed.

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