Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Phew! Too busy!

Thimble 12 and 13 are finished, and number 14 should be done any time now... which means 1 more to go until I hit 15 and can confidently show my original thimble failure.  One interesting thing with the last thimble: I have noticed is that by keeping the thimble stuffed with some firm padding I have better grip on it and stab myself less often. My moulds are too long to stitch on and I don't use marking paper on the base so after the first round on each path is stitched I slide the ring off the mould.

I don't actually use a thimble when I stitch, which shows fairly poor judgement as I am constantly stabbing my finger tips with the needle (either the point or the eye end as I push the needle through the base).  I don't own a finger tip thimble but it is probably a wise investment. It seems ironic to need to wear a thimble whilst making a thimble. (A bit like the argument over the chicken or the egg coming first... I need to have a thimble to make a thimble but I need to make the thimble to have a thimble...) 

Thimble 12 and Thimble 13

I have been busy this week. Still working on my current C10 ball and about to mark up a 32 ball to stitch a NanaAkua pattern with Jane C.  Then there is a C10 project that is still sitting as a post in draft mode (in Blogger) since May 6th that has just become an item of discussion on TC (from memory it is Pattern 84 from the TK pattern listing - a stain glass ball). I have also been following along with Terry's C10 Tutorials on TK. I can mark a C10 but I am always eager to compare my method with those of other temari makers to see if tweak my technique. Goodness me so many projects...  Also this week it is my DH's birthday so I'll be cake baking tomorrow and working on my very long chore list. Thursday I hope to go with Miho to the last session of the Bassendean workshop. Next Monday I am doing a final class with the Yr10 Japanese students, and on the 6th my new round of temari classes begin. Then on June 17th I am doing a one day Temari workshop with a local lace makers guild to prepare them for their big trip to Japan in July where they will be taking Temari and Kumihimo classes. I think I need to take a few deep breaths....

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